For patients who are experiencing symptoms that could indicate an abnormal heart rhythm, cardiologists may recommend a Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor. LINQ is only recommended once a patient has already worn a temporary holter monitor to diagnose the rhythm problem with inconclusive results. A LINQ is less than a third the size of a AAA battery and is inserted just beneath the skin of the chest. It can remain in place up to three years. The LINQ monitors your heart rhythms continuously while you go about your daily life and transmits your heart data wirelessly to our office from a device at your bedside each night. This allows your cardiologist to capture any potentially dangerous heart rhythms, record how frequently they occur and how long they last, and then determine the best course of treatment. The short video below explains more about the device and how it is inserted. The LINQ insertion and removal procedure is performed in our office with a local anesthetic.