High Risk Patients Successfully Treated with the IMPELLA LVAD at the CardioVascular Institute of Northwest Florida

Interventional cardiologists at the CardioVascular Institute of Northwest Florida have a new tool in their fight against coronary artery disease and heart attacks.  The AbioMed’s IMPELLA 2.5 Liter Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), also touted as the “world’s smallest heart pump”, has been successfully used by interventional cardiologists at the CardioVascular Institute of Northwest Florida since March 2011.  The patients considered needful of this device were those with severe, non-operable coronary disease.  Indeed, some patients were suffering from massive heart attacks.


The IMPELLA heart pump is a new minimally invasive treatment option for the most serious of cardiac patients who are deemed too high-risk for surgery.  The IMPELLA is inserted through a small incision in the groin and advanced into the main pumping chamber of the heart, the left ventricle.  Once placed, the heart pump essentially “takes over” the pumping function of the heart, allowing cardiologists to perform high-risk angioplasty procedures for non-operable coronary disease while reducing the risk of heart attack or death during the procedure.  After the procedure is successfully completed, the heart pump is removed with minimal recovery time.  Since the IMPELLA allows the heart to rest and recover by actively taking over the work load of the heart’s main pumping chamber, patients in cardiogenic and advanced heart failure may also benefit from the IMPELLA heart pump.


With the support of Bay Medial Center/Sacred Heart Health Systems, the CardioVascular Insitute of Northwest Florida was instrumental in bringing this new technology to Bay County and the Florida Panhandle.  Prior to the use of the IMPELLA heart pump, patients with severe coronary disease or massive heart attacks who were not candidates for traditional coronary bypass surgery would be faced with extremely high risk of complications or death.  The IMPELLA heart pump is one more option in our treatment of the “sickest of the sick” cardiac patients.  The CardioVascular Insitute of Northwest Florida strives to remain in the forefront of the constantly evolving medical landscape to provide its patients the most progressive cardiac care and the widest selection of treatment options.

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